Message from the Candlemaker

Welcome, candle lovers!

My name is Adriona. I'm a self-taught candle maker and the woman behind Elevated Ambiance Candle Co. My love for candles sparked several years ago. I always kept a decent collection, notoriously requested them for birthday and Christmas gifts, and even (illegally) burned them in my college dorm room. (Don't worry, I was always safe about it and put them away before the periodic room inspections.)

Actually making candles randomly started as a hobby I would practice on the weekends. Originally, I only wanted to know how to make candles for myself so that I could personalize scents and NEVER run out. Then, as I began to learn more of the intricacies of candle making and got better at creating scents, I decided to share them with others. 

Fast forward a little bit, and now we're here. Before 'Elevated Ambiance', I had several other name ideas, but that one stuck because it truly expresses the vibe that I want to fill the room when one of these candles is lit. The unique scent combinations coupled with the song suggestions are an EXPERIENCE. 

Elevated Ambiance candles are also made to be as safe as possible, so you can enjoy the aromatic experience without worrying about potentially inhaling toxins. Using materials like soy wax, cotton wicks, clean fragrances, and essential oils allows for a cleaner, safer burn to protect you and the other candle lovers in your home.

It is always my aim to provide my customers with excellent products and service. Each candle is handmade with care and attention to detail. Thank you for taking the time to check out my brand! I look forward to helping you elevate the ambiance in your space real soon.